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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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as a result of the water coming over the roads. they've seen more than an inch of rain across this region. surrounding the flood warning are other advisories for minor flooding on highways and roadways partly due to the heavy rain that's been falling and the snow that's been melting stretching all the way down into mercer county. live radar shows the lighter rain back across this area now. to the north rand and east you're still seeing some pockets of heavier rain. but down to the south of us more rain and more moisture down across the southern states. you see this big bubble right here? there's an area of tloeps low pressure developing near norfolk, virginia. the rain will end by the morning commute, though, across the area. but then we could be in store
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for a bit of snow. there's actually two chances of that coming up between now and next week. here again is a live look at the rain in new jersey. checkey, where are you and what are you seeing? >> reporter: sibila, we are on the 287 northbound. as you can probably tell, there's a bunch of brake lights. you can see the red brake lights ahead of us. that's because we're moving quite slowly even though there's not much rain right now. drizzle. it's been that way on the 287 nob northbound for quite a while now. >> i think we're losing your signal there. stay on top of the heavy
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with our news 4 app. it's been one year since elen el ellen brody was driving home from work in valhalla. moments later she was dead. exactly why is a mystery. but many safety improvements at the crossing were promised. >> reporter: and the short answer is not a whole lot has been done just yet. meanwhile i am live at a memorial vigil here in mount pleasant where people are just arriving. it is a chance for them to come to terms with this tragedy a year later. it was a horrific crash. a metro north train burst into flames after colliding with an suv on the tracks. allen brody's wife ellen was driving that car one year ago
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>> my wife was a lovely person. >> reporter: he has spent the last year trying to figure out what happened. >> we have reason to believe she did not realize she was on the train tracks. >> reporter: ellen was diverted onto a road she'd never been on before. there was traffic and she was forced to stop her car. it was pitch black and snow covers the tracks. by the time she realized where she stopped it was too late. she was killed along with four passengers on the train. >> the only thing i can do is to fix this thing and to repair this world. because this is wrong. and it's my mission to make it right. >> reporter: brody says the crossing needs better signs and more light. he filed a lawsuit against the mta and the state today. to date there have been no safety improvements at the crossing where ellen was killed. the mta says it is doing safety
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risk assessments to figure out exactly what crossing upgrades are needed. it has also launched an education campaign for drivers. the town is considering closing this crossing all together. meanwhile alan and his children are focusing on the healing process. >> she's with us all the time. we still have her around us. we still feel her. so that keeps us going. but we know that we're slowly saying good-bye. zbrnchts >> reporter: alan and his family made a private visit to ellen's grave site to mourn her once again. this memorial is here is expected to get started in just a few minutes. breaking news tonight in the bill cosby sexual assault case. a judge has just ruled that the case against the comedian will continue despite claims from cosby that he'd been given immunity by a former district attorney. judge steven o'neill issued a
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statement saying there is no basis for dismissing the case. more on this ruling with lester holt at 6:30. >> attorneys for a rutgers university student convicted of cyber spying on his respect want his conviction thrown out. he was convicted in 2012 of intimidation and invasion of privacy after posting images online of his roommate during a sexual encounter with another man. robbie served 30 days in jail but the state is appealing that sentence, arguing it was too lenient. new york city had its safest january ever. major crimes like robbery and murder hit record lows. but does reality meet perception? >> chuck, several subway slashings have made front page news of late, but the mayor and the police commissioner say
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story that the city is the safest it's. in been in decades. overall crime down just half a percent in january. but murders, shootings, robberies all seeing significant drops. the mayor taking credit and thanking officers. but not all the news was good, as assaults up 18%. a third of that the result of fights inside rikers island. and a jump on attacks on cops trying to make arrests. but it's the blip in subway slashings that continue to make headlines, ten stabbings and slashings this year up from just four last year, most the result of arguments or fights. but some riders are worried. police adding officers and patrols below ground. the chief of transit last week took a ride with us to offer reassurance, stressing there are
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trains that carry 6 million people. and most of those crimes are theft of smart phones while riders are sleeping. >> a lot of people are tired. they work very hard. our officers are going to be instructed to start waking people up. if you're sleeping you make yourself a very easy victim. >> reporter: the trains now getting added patrols to try to stop the slight increase in crime from getting any worse. as for the record low of crime numbers we're just one month into the year but the nypd says it's focusing on gangs and known repeat offenders still on the streets to try to drive the numbers even lower. mum's the word for martin shkreli the infamous former drug company ceo who hiked the price of a cancer drug. his attorney said his client will not talk to the media until all the criminal charges are resolved.
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case related to a company he once ran. new yorkers feel their quality of life is still suffering. so mayor de blasio thinks it may be because of their surroundings. the mayor intends to tidy up the city. >> reporter: on a day when mother nature is doing a lot of the washing, new york city is stepping up its efforts to do power washing. one spray at a time, this brooklyn crew is washing away graffiti and they're doing it in a borough that leads the city in graffiti complaints. even though 311 calls about graffiti dropped in 2015 compared to 2014, 48% of all graffiti gripes came from brooklyn, more than manhattan and queens combined. >> graffiti per se you can't call it a major crime but it
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really is upsetting to people in neighborhoods. it makes they will m feel the quality of life is not as good. >> reporter: the mayor wants to spend another $4.2 million power washing sidewalks and graffiti and adding shifts to tackle over flowing trash cans like this. >> if it's not given a lot of attention it gets messy. >> cleaning up will send a message that there is less disorder. >> reporter: the city's economic development corporation which handles the cleanup say they're expanding an evident that began under mayor ghoul iuliani in 1999. why should i care if that's graffiti? >> it gives the impression that the neighborhood is unsafe and also prevents businesses from
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coming into that neighborhood. >> reporter: the power war shing and graffiti removal is only one piece of the puzzle. the other is trash removal. those begin on april 1st. coming up, why the governor of connecticut says his state is about to lose hundreds of jobs. plus, the police officer who became firefighters for a day to help rescue a little girl from a
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after a yearlong debate and lingering opposition the upper west side is getting a new bike lane on amsterdam avenue between 72nd street and 110th street
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lane roads to three. ultimately the upper west side's community board voted in favor of the change to provide a protected northbound lane along the 30 block stretch for cyclists. connecticut governor had strong words for lawmakers today during his annual state of the state address. he says connecticut's budget is not sustainable. ma loi malloy says it's time to spend what it can spent not what it wants to spend. >> the people of connecticut know it. it they've accepted it and so must their government. >> lawmakers from both parties voiced concerns about the budget for the next fiscal year. coming up, a world war ii veteran on staten island shares
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his memories of storming the beach in normandy.
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. a daughter of freed slaves decided to pursue nursing al the e g ing at the age of 18. before serving as founding member of the future of american nurses association.
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later in life ma ohney
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. decision 2016 now, bernie sanders supporters gathered today on the steps of new york city hall with 80,000 signatures to put the brick ooklyn native on the ballot. today's announcement by sanders' camp possibly aimed at mayor de blasio who already announced his support for hillary clinton. the mayor was asked about hillary's recent win in iowa. >> iowa democratic party is legendary for running a very, you know, highly developed complicated process of the caucuses. they've done it for decades. i think it was a great well thought campaign and in the end she won the day. >> sanders narrowly lost to hillary clinton on monday. good evening to you.
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we're going to be talking on the political front looking at a very serious issue for many new hampshire voters. that the crisis of heroin addiction there. the statistics are really alarming in parts of that state. >> and we've seen you reporting that on nbc nightly news. clearly it hasn't improved much, has it? >> no it's gone downhill in many ways. kate snow visited a town that says they responded to three times the number of overdoses as the year before. we'll have that and a lot more in just a few minutes, 6:30 right here. february is black history month. and today news 4 talked to a black man on staten island who has seen a lot of history himself. he is a world war ii veteran. his story is at once captivating and terrifying. >> reporter: william morris finds his world war ii gear
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almost in the same shape as he left it. even the gas mask still fits. it is barely faded just like the memories. terrible is how this 97-year-old sergeant from staten island remembers feeling approaching normandy on d-day. >> the water came up to here and stopped and the water was blood red. i said to myself, wow, and that's where we're heading. >> reporter: he proudly served in the all black 369th infanty, the harlem hell fighters. and he credited his survival to his guardian angel, a tiny dog named trixie who wouldn't leave his side. trixie went everywhere with william. the devoted dog even wounded by shrapnel. >> the soldiers were so upset. >> reporter: to delores her father's story always felt like
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a page turner. so she turned it into one, writing a book about his time in world war ii. he returned to staten island and the love of his life. they've been married 73 years. he keeps busy by proudly sharing his story the schools. and he shares with us the secret for staying so sharp. >> they always tell me have some greens, have some vegetables. i said they look pretty, no thanks. give me another hershey bar. [ laughter ]. >> reporter: and that's an order. >> that man deserves quite a salute for his service. three new jersey officers with being hailed as heros tonight for rescuing a little girl from a burning building. >> they say the child deserves all the praise. nine-year-old sophia was forced onto the third floor balcony as fire broke out inside. when officers realized the only
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way to save her was to get her to jump, she took that leap without hesitation, falling 25 feet into their arms. the fire destroyed six units in the complex. but nobody was injured thanks to those officers. >> impressive on all fronts. the little girl jumping, pretty scary. >> very frightening. >> you were talking about flooding earlier. well, here we are. the southbound side of the parkway is now closed because of floot flooding. >> watch out or roads. if you have to go out this evening, just make sure you go in a different direction if you hear there's flooding or you see flooding on the road. do not drive across it. you don't know how deep it is and you could put your life in danger. it's raining near midtown. it's on the lighter side now,
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we're starting to see most of that heavy rain push off to the east. now, the flood warning we mentioned is in effect for parts of hunterdon county along the neshanic river. watch out. spotty areas of light flooding is expected over parts of central and north central new jersey and other parts of the tri state area as well. just be careful if you have to be out on the roads. most of the heavy rain is moving away. across parts of eastern sections of fairfield county and portions of long island, seeing some heavier showers out towards the hamptons. we're not done with this system. rain extends all the way down to norfolk, virginia and beyond. and the front is slowing down.
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even though you're going to dry out north and west of the city over night, that rain is going to linger on the coast in the morning just before it dries out in the afternoon. rain and wind across the coast. temperatures stay in the 50s. very mild out there, melting a lot of the snow, that adding to the flooding. after that, we have the storm potential for guess what, a little bit of snow. tomorrow night into friday, because this front is not moving very much it's going to sit right along the coast. and the track is critical. if it starts to shift gak a back a little bit to the north and west we're going to see a slushy accumulation of snow for coastal new jersey and long island, maybe even into the city. the weekend looks great. temperatures will be relatively mild. 53 for tomorrow. we'll be watching the coast. at 11:00 we'll give you another update. another chance for snow possibly
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tuesday of next week. it's still early for that one. coming up tonight at 11:00 we'll have the latest update for you. >> just when we thought it was safe. [ male announcer ] eight hours after you quit smoking, your bloood oxygen level returns to normal. in 3 months your lung function improves up to 30%. and ten years after you quit your risk of dying from lung cancer is about half that of a smoker. but right now...
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mets fans are dreaming of a world series. a big reason why the return of cespedes who signed a three year $75 million contract with an opt out after one year. cespedes put on his jersey and said that the lure of new york and the desire to win a
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championship brought him back to city field. >> translator: very important for me. >> what kind of message does this send to your fan base? >> we're in it to win it, which is probably a question and a response that the fans were anxious to hear. so i think we're in it to win it. and we'll see if that happens. but i think we're pretty well positioned right now. >> sound good to mets fans. spring training starts in two weeks. now to the nba and the free falling knicks who have lost six of their last seven games including last night against the celtics at msg. new york still sits in the 11th spot. in the eastern conference, three and a half games out of a
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>> i think it is a sense of urgency knowing that we've got to turn this thing around quickly because it can't start going downhill. flames defense man dennis wideman has been suspended 20 games for this hit on referee don henderson last week in calgary. the 11-year veteran has apologized for his actions and has said that the hit was unintentional. finally a progolfer made a put it is putt to remember on a basketball court last night from 94 feet away. neck this out check this out, he nails it dead on through the whole. the british open champion won $25,000 for one lucky student at georgia tech. 94 feet.
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it would have been the second


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